I am currently a tenured Professor in the Instructional Design and Technology Program at the University of Arizona’s College of Applied Science and Technology. I am also affiliated with the interdisciplinary Second Language Acquisition and Teaching¬† (SLAT) program. My main research goal is to develop an understanding of educational computing processes in the learning environments. More specifically, my work focuses on design and development of online learning environments with the use of emerging technologies and computational thinking practices. My background is in foreign languages, so I apply instructional design and technology concepts in foreign language learning and teaching settings. In addition, I am interested in global education and new possibilities brought to global education via online collaborative technologies.

This site contains information about the work I do and has links to the documents and websites to which I connect professionally. Please contact me if you are interested in my work.

Specialties: Instructional design; educational computing; emerging technologies; curriculum development; foreign language teaching and learning, computational thinking, global education.


Email: bcozkan(at)email.arizona.edu