Current Work

My current research focuses on the following two themes: learning design for mixed reality environments and the design of computational thinking experiences for STEAM learners. Some of the recent work I am involved in are:

  • Ardito, G. P., Czerkawksi, B. & Scollins, L. (2020). Learning computational thinking together: Collaboration and robotics in a 6th grade math/science classroom. TechTrends.
  • Czerkawski, B. & Berti, M. (under review). Language learning in the 21st century: Current status and future directions. Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Professional Learning in Higher Education. Transnational Voices on Future Directions.  In Eds. B. Dupuy & M. Grosbois. Research Publishing.
  • Czerkawski, B. C. & Berti, M. (work-in-progress) Towards an implementation approach to augmented reality: An instructional design approach.