Student Lab

Research Projects

I work on a number of research projects ranging from design of e-learning environments for STEM students to emerging educational technologies and new pedagogies for e-learning design to the educational computing and computational thinking for higher education students. Much of my research has been published in the past 15 years in the educational technology journals. This page is created for graduate students who are interested in conducting research with me on topics that are within my research interests or theirs.

Please enroll in one of my courses prior to engaging in collaborative research. This will help us develop a mutual understanding of each other as scholars.

Following are my current projects:

–Instructional design for computational thinking (design, development and research issues)

–Developing computing skills for higher education students (teaching programming to teacher education majors)

–Integrating and designing networked learning environments for e-learning

–Designing and evaluating personalized online learning environments using data mining and learning analytics techniques for UAOnline students

–Designing technology-rich language learning (L1, L2) environments.

In addition to conducting collaborative research, I am happy to assist any student who is interested in publishing their book or game reviews in the peer-reviewed journal I edit, Issues and Trends in Educational Technology (ITET). To review ITET please go to: