Following are the graduate courses that I teach at the University of Arizona.

ETCV 511: Learning Technologies in the Digital Age

Introductory course emphasizing a hands-on approach to exploring, integrating, and developing technology-augmented learning using research-based methods. The course is directed at instructional technologists and educators.

ETCV 520:  Instructional Design
Introductory course addressing instructional design methods and theories with emphasis on technology-augmented instruction.

ETCV 524: Educational Gaming and Simulations

Study of educational gaming from theoretical and design perspectives, and the practical aspects of evaluating and implementing games, simulations, and virtual environments for teaching and learning. The societal and cultural impact of games and simulations, specifically as they relate to education will also be examined.

ETCV 596 Seminar in Educational Technology

The development and exchange of scholarly information, usually in a small group setting. The scope of work shall consist of research on educational technology by course registrants, with the exchange of the results of such research through discussion, reports, and/or papers.

ETCV 623: Designing Online Learning Environments

This course addresses the principles of online learning environment design. Emphasize will be placed on research-based guidelines developed for synchronous and asynchronous forms of online education.

ETCV 629 Advanced Instructional Design

This course is an in depth analysis of instructional design theory and practice using theory-based design process and systematic design of instruction. Topics include development of instructional and training plans, design of instructional materials and evaluation of curriculum and programs. In addition, research, development and management of instructional design projects will be discussed.

ETCV 635 Special Issues in Instructional Design

The topics in this course vary each year and focus on current issues and evolving topics in the field of instructional design.